Experience the vision for the City of Avalon!

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The City Of Avalon

Experience the vision for Avalon City!

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The Vision for the City of Avalon

As we position ourselves to be one of the best places to live in Guyana, we are tapping into to the housing boom, currently taking place in Guyana today. Due to the overcrowding in the urban area such as Georgetown and its surrounding environs, it is imperative that quality affordable housing is developed within thirty minutes from the capital city.

The availability of land for housing is becoming scarcer each year and the government has indicated that new housing development opportunities will be available along the east bank corridor.

There is great indication that lands in that area will be used to create new industries thereby creating a demand for affordable quality housings along this corridor.Guyanese returning home are also seeking quality affordable homes and villas they have grown accustomed to in North America and Europe. The City of Avalon is poised to provide not just a quality home at an Affordable price, but auxiliary services from state of the art health care services and providers, fire service, police department, Avalon private security firm, private clinics, private schools(from Daycare/PREK- to University), first class entertainments strip with first class nightlife, from upscale restaurants, soft commercial ranging from Jamrock Cafés, Avalon Waffle house & coffee shop, and a multiplicity of other local fast food attractions/Avalon Auto Dealerships/ Avalon Tech Center & Incubation hub)movie theatres, Malls, an amusement park, Senior Citizen Active Lifestyle home, golf Course, Hotels, recreational parks, gas stations with mini mart, credit union, supermarkets, Laundromats, salons & barbershops, casino, hardware stores etc) For Light Industrial Avalon Energy/Avalon Transportation Terminal, Avalon Water bottling Facility/Avalon Furniture factory/Avalon Building System factory(Sawmill, Block Making& Composite wood factory /Boss Communication phone, cable & internet service provider, one solar farm plus 20 acres designated to organic aquaponics farming.

Based on #Project5000 Homeownership platform our current client composition is 57% remigrant with 5% from the expat community along with 38% from our local professional community. Our mission is revolutionize the housing industry offering our residents, American styled quality homes at an affordable price. In essence we are creating a modern day city for both citizens and non-citizens with additional benefits.

Some of the additional Benefits to be derived from this City of Avalon are:

Jobs For Local Residents

Small Business Opportunities through Avalon tech and Incubation Hub

Access to healthy organic foods

Accessibility to State of the Art Affordable Health care services

Low cost public transportation throughout Avalon

Affordable Home Owners Association fees

Green Community using primarily green energy with no power outages

Access to Financing for home loans / HELCO / Refinance / Small Business Development

The City of Avalon is an innovative, self-sustaining real estate development that caters for moderate, middle to high income families. Our Approach is to create Sustainable Development through Economic Empowerment.

This City will be Developed and Managed by the Management and Board of Directors of Avalon Inc.

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Avalon has several business opportunities that need to be filled. From stores in a shopping mall to amusement parks and movie theaters.

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